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The modern material handling technology is essential for a modern enterprise.

For enterprises, the development of the modern material handling technology is a new economic growth point, a source of tertiary profits and a measure to respond to the opportunities and challenges brought about by China is joining the WTO, and the modern material handling technology is essential for a modern enterprise.

Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industries Material Handling Engineering Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1992. It is an entity with independent legal personality in Shanghai mechanical and electrical industries and it is a company specialized in R&D and production operations of material handling products and it is one of china is earliest enterprises in this field.

Having senior experts of material handling technology and a strong force of CAD personnel, this company can provide users with excellent material handling planning, material handling equipment, design and manufacturing of industrial production lines and outfits. Besides, it can provide such services as application of microelectronic technology, technical consultation and technical training.

This company possesses a perfectly equipped factory, which is situated in the Pudong New area, equipped with complete production processes, quality inspection technician and managerial personnel, complete production equipment and advanced manufacturing processes. The product quality standards are strictly implemented in this factory, and high product quality is ensured by quality control under the ISO9001 quality assurance system.

Ever since its founding, this company has been growing constantly. The material handling products of this company have been serialized, with a complete range of specifications, and they are widely used in ware houses, distribution centers, stores, factories, hospital pharmacies, hotels, armed forces, etc., and some of our products have been exported. Besides, we have offered excellent service to thousands of users and won favor from users at home and abroad. We will serve our users at home and abroad sincerely just as we did in the past to cooperate and develop side by side with them.

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